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Keep growing…keep learning

Jeanne Honsaker

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My Mom used to tell me, “Anything worth doing is worth doing right.” She was teaching me about patience and believing in the process, instead of expecting results overnight. She was teaching me that I shouldn’t compare my progress with others, but rather to encourage them in their journey. She taught me that I will look back on what felt “too long” and realize just how fleeting it was in the context of life…..and that my life would be more complete because of it. Little did I know the full depth of her wisdom and that it would serve me so well through the valleys of my life, including this one as we all battle through Covid 19.⁣
So today I want to encourage you to keep making progress, no matter how slow it may feel. You’ve got this and you will be better for it.⁣

⁣Stay safe out there!

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