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Free Motion Stretch is growing!

Jeanne Honsaker

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We are excited to announce our recent in-office expansion. Free Motion Stretch is still located inside Stuttering and Speech Therapy of Arizona, but our studio has doubled in size. With the additional space, we now have room to conduct more thorough movement assessments (including golf swings). In addition, the expanded space allows us to move from on-table therapy to floor work as needed – whether for additional mobility, stability, or strengthening work. Our fascial stretch therapy practice is an effective and pain-free method of assisted stretching that helps to reduce or eliminate pain, restore function, improve athletic performance and help our clients move and feel better. Although we have room for multiple therapy tables, Free Motion Stretch is dedicated to providing private sessions customized to each client’s specific needs. If you are experiencing limited mobility, impaired or painful movement, or limitations in your sport or daily activities, we are here to help. Sessions are by appointment only and can be made at

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