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What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) and how can it help?

Jeanne Honsaker

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FST is simply assisted stretching that instead of targeting specific muscles, targets the connective tissue around the muscles, bones, joints and organs to assist in aligning and balancing the body.  When the body is out of alignment, it can cause a chain reaction throughout the entire body.  The body naturally compensates and adapts which then impairs range of motion and can bring on a host of issues including mild to severe pain, joint stiffness, and decreased mobility.  Through gentle traction and flow of movement targeted to the client’s specific needs, FST provides gains in mobility, pain management, as well as restoring impaired function and optimizing athletic performance.

Unlike Stretch Armstrong, you don’t have to be stretched in every direction to see and feel results.  As a matter of fact, an FST session looks very different for every client as it is completely adapted to their needs.  The goal is always helping you move better and feel better, with the utmost care given to providing results without causing discomfort.  And while results vary from client to client, depending on many factors, the intention behind every FST session is to build trust between the client and practitioner, provide results, assist with pain management, and help you gain mobility and range of motion.

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